Apr 13, 2009

Deadmau5 & Crookers @ the Congress Theatre, 4.11.09

What should have been an epic night, started really rough as the light man at the show decided not to light the stage whatsoever. It was so bad 3-4 other photogs decided it wasn't worth their time to stick around. I'm a bit of a Deadmau5 fan, and decided to stay open minded as the night went on.... Deadmau5's set proved to be sick, and i had a bit of a break as the light man decided to give us a bit of light.

You can check out more images of the night on my flickr, because my website just isnt quite finished just yet.


or you could always go to Exactevents.com, the full set will be posted on that site by tuesday.

Where i've been, and where im going.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm Chris, I am a freelance photographer, from Chicago, and this blog(lame as it may be) will be a place to keep up with the things im into. I will be doing some traveling this spring/summer, and u can keep up with my travels here, and on my website(crsfoto.com). If i take photos of you at an event u can find them on my site in the archives section.